Vol 19, No 1 (2009)

Table of Contents


Tight-binding Calculations of Band Structure and Conductance in Graphene Nano-ribbons Abstract
Hoang Manh Tien, Nguyen Hai Chau, Phan Thi Kim Loan 1-8
A New Approach to the Theory of Hierarchic Wave-oscillation Dynamic Systems Abstract
V. V. Kulish, I. V. Gubanov, Le Huu Dien, Nguyen Ai Viet, O. V. Lysenko 9-18
Fabrication and Magnetic Properties of Mn1 - xZnxFe2O4 (0 ≤ x ≤ 0.8) Nanoparticles Abstract
Pham Hoai Linh, Tran Dang Thanh, Do Hung Manh, Nguyen Chi Thuan, Le Van Hong, Nguyen Xuan Phuc 19-25
The Propagation of the Electromagnetic Wave in Multilayers Structures Composed from Cholesteric Liquid Crystals under the Influence of the External Electric Field Abstract
Pho Thi Nguyet Hang, Pham Thuy Dung 26-32
Influence of Mn2+ Concentration and UV Irradiation Time on the Luminescence Properties of Mn-doped ZnS Nanocrystals Abstract
Tran Minh Thi 33-38
Transverse Distribution of Pump Power in the Diode-laser Side-pumped Solid-state Laser Rod Abstract PDF
Mai Van Luu, Dinh Xuan Khoa, Vu Ngoc Sau, Ho Quang Quy 39-44
Investigating the Effect of Matrices and Densities on the Efficiency of HPGe Gamma Spectroscopy Using MCNP Abstract PDF
Truong Thi Hong Loan, Dang Nguyen Phuong, Do Pham Huu Phong, Tran Ai Khanh 45-52
Neutron Yield from (γ, n) and (γ, 2n) Reactions following 100 MeV Bremsstrahlung in a Tungsten Target Abstract PDF
Nguyen Tuan Khai, Tran Duc Thiep, Truong Thi An, Phan Viet Cuong, Nguyen The Vinh 53-58
A Superluminal Formalism for Majorana-like Lepton Abstract PDF
Vo Van Thuan 59-64