T. 49, S. 5 (2011)

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Stereovision-based Lane Detection and Tracking for Intelligent Vehicles Tóm tắt PDF
Chunzhao Guo Chunzhao Guo, Takayuki Yamabe Takayuki Yamabe, Seiichi Mita Seiichi Mita 1-12
Detection of Pornographic Images Using Bag-of-Visual-Words and Arcx4 of Random Multinomial Naive Bayes Tóm tắt PDF
Do Thanh Nghi 13-24
A Quantum Algorithm for Solving the Traveling Salesman Problem PDF
Duc Huynh Van Duc Huynh Van, Khanh Bui Doan Khanh Bui Doan, Diep Do Ngoc Diep Do Ngoc 25-34
A Song – Author Relationship Extractor for Vietnamese news articles Tóm tắt PDF
Hoai-Duc Tuan-Nguyen Hoai-Duc Tuan-Nguyen, Thanh-Quyen Doan-Thi Thanh-Quyen Doan-Thi, Mi-Ni Tran-Thi Mi-Ni Tran-Thi, Bao Quoc Ho Bao Quoc Ho 35-46
Vehicle Detection for Nighttime Using Monocular IR Camera with Discriminately Trained Mixture of Deformable Part Models Tóm tắt PDF
Hossein Tehrani Nik Nejad Hossein Tehrani Nik Nejad, Taiki Kawano Taiki Kawano, Seiichi Mita Seiichi Mita 47-56
Traffic Signs Detection using Local Features Tóm tắt PDF
Khanh Nguyen Duy Khanh Nguyen Duy, Duy Le Dinh Duy Le Dinh, Duc Duong Anh Duc Duong Anh 57-67
A Simple Algorithm for Finding Fast, Exactly Tiles Intersect with Polygons Tóm tắt PDF
Nam Nguyen Vinh Nam Nguyen Vinh, Nam Nguyen Minh Nam Nguyen Minh, Bac Le Hoai Bac Le Hoai 69-78
Robust Dynamic ID-Based Remote Mutual Authentication Scheme Tóm tắt PDF
Toàn Thịnh Trương Toàn Thịnh Trương, Minh Triết Trần Minh Triết Trần, Anh Đức Dương Anh Đức Dương 79-90
New Symmetry Peak Processing and GA-based SVM Algorithm for Pedestrian Detection Tóm tắt PDF
Trương Quốc Định, Trương Quốc Bảo 91-104
A Formal Analysis Framework for AADL Tóm tắt PDF
Stefan Björnander Stefan Björnander, Cristina Seceleanu Cristina Seceleanu, Kristina Lundqvist Kristina Lundqvist, Paul Pettersson Paul Pettersson 105-118
A Metamodel for Analysis and Design of Non-Functional Requirement Tóm tắt PDF
Yi Liu Yi Liu, Zhiyi Ma Zhiyi Ma, Hui Liu Hui Liu, Lai Wei Lai Wei, Weizhong Shao Weizhong Shao 119-131

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