T. 2, S. 3 (2018)

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Pursuing a targeted dream specialty and a research career: Opinions and observations from a fifth-year medical student’s Tóm tắt
Gehad Mohamed Tawfik 6
Translation and cross-cultural adaptation of the Vietnamese version of the Diabetes Distress Scale Tóm tắt
Ong Phuc Thinh, Huynh Ngoc Van Anh, Do Thanh Tung, To Gia Kien 7
Directed Acyclic Graphs: Alternative tool for causal inference in epidemiology and biostatistics research and teaching Tóm tắt
Tran Ngoc Dang, Khuong Quynh Long, Huynh Thi Hong Tram, Le Huynh Thi Cam Hong, Vo Minh Tuan 5
Endoscopic submucosal dissection by using clutch cutter and it knife 2 for early gastric cancer with severe submucosal fibrosis: a case report Tóm tắt
Le Quang Nhan, Mai Vien Phuong, Le Quang Nghia 5
Budd-chiari syndrome due to segmental obstruction of the inferior vena cava successfully managed with endovascular stenting Tóm tắt
Vo Pham Phuong Uyen, Quach Trong Duc, Dang Minh Luan, Le Hieu Thao, Nguyen Dinh Luan 5
Effect of fluid bolus triggers and their combination on fluid responsiveness in optimization phase of severe sepsis and septic shock resuscitation Tóm tắt
Le Huu Thien Bien, Huynh Quang Dai, Mai Anh Tuan, Phan Vu Anh Minh, Pham Thi Ngoc Thao, Do Quoc Huy, Vo Minh Tuan, Dang Van Phuoc 6
Antitumor-Promoting Effect of Ethanolic Extract from Leaves of Perilla frutescens var. crispa (Benth.) In Mouse Skin Tóm tắt
Vuu Thanh Tu Quyen, Huynh Ngoc Thuy, Ha Minh Hien, Huynh Ngoc Trinh 8