Asian Journal of Economics and Banking (AJEB), S. 2 (2017)

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Appraising Synergy Value in M&A Practices in Vietnam

Nguyen Kim Duc, Huynh Kieu Tien, Tran Bich Van

Tóm tắt

 This study was conducted to test actual synergy values in company merge and acquisition (M&A) practices and the feasibility of synergy value valuation techniques in Vietnam. This research employed a valuation method which is the cost of capital method for appraising enterprises before and after M&A to achieve the first objective, while DCF method was used to achieve the second objective. Using data of typical M&A deals in Vietnam, this study’s results show that not all M&A deals generate synergy value. Also, DCF is a feasible method for appraising synergy value in Vietnam. Finally, an empirical survey reveals that DCF is the most commonly-used and feasible method according to appraisers.

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